Introducing XERO


Here are some of the great features and benefits that make us love Xero and why we know you will too:

Pay as you go with a low monthly payment  

Rather than having to pay for your accounting system with a big capital outlay, Xero offers a range of plans to suit you for a low monthly payment. Included in this price is your Xero file, storage, regular updates and free support. Forget having to pay an extra monthly fee for support or having to purchase updates ever year to ensure that your software is up to date and complies with statutory rates. This is a great benefit to small businesses who might find it detrimental to cash flow to have to purchase accounting software out right for thousands of dollars.

Real-time speed

Data entry is drastically reduced

The single ledger

Safe and secure data storage

Better decision making

Mobility and flexibility – use Xero anywhere

Better communication is encouraged

Integrated add-on solutions

Innovative new software releases and improved features

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