Workplace Training In Xero And Workflowmax

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Blog

Workplace Training In Xero And Workflowmax

If there’s one thing that makes most entrepreneurs and creatives shudder, it’s the thought of doing the accounts.  It’s one of the few things that instantly shuts down their creativity.

Yet managing your accounts is an essential part of managing your business. Without paying attention to your numbers, there is no way you can be secure and profitable.

We understand exactly how you feel, and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with Xero and Workflowmax, and we can train you and your staff in how to use this great system.

Introducing Xero and Workflowmax.

Xero and Workflowmax are beautifully integrated. With just one click, you can move data between the two and eliminate double handling, thereby reducing your workload. But best of all, because the data flows between both apps, you can import your invoices and purchase orders from Xero into Workflowmax. Straight away you will be able to see how your business is doing, financially. You can see your profit or loss as you go.

What are the benefits of Xero and Workflowmax?

  • Track time without leaving the creative suite
  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Reporting metrics which highlight specific industries which earn you more money
  • Complete visibility and transparency across your team (track project timelines and receive email notifications directly to your mobile device when running late
  • Your purchase orders and sales invoices are pushed directly to Xero providing a complete end to end solution
  • Create a streamlined, collaborative project management system
  • Easily manage 200 jobs at once across multiple offices
  • Reduce invoicing to just 10 minutes
  • Providing customised reports to clients about jobs
  • Adding power to Lead Manager with custom field
  • 100% ROI with workflow max

Learn how to use Xero and Workflowmax.

We will soon be presenting a workshop showing entrepreneurs and creative business owners how to work with this clever system. This workshop will expand upon the benefits of using Workflowmax specifically catering to those in the creative field. Our trainers are perfect for condensing the mundane and complicated into very practical, easily digested language which speaks specifically to creatives.

Keep watching this space for an announcement of the workshop dates.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more, please contact us at the Accounts Studio office by calling  02 9356 8382 or emailing us at