Why Price Is Not The Problem

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Blog

Typically (and sometimes regrettably), when we have something we are particularly keen on purchasing we’ll usually find the means to do so. It’s that magical moment when we are so bewildered by an array of offerings and features that we conveniently forget about the price tag. Perceived value prevails and we become motivated to part ways with our hard earned funds.

Of course, value is subjective. What one individual considers value for money, another may not. But if there’s an item that majority of customers are continuously considering, yet failing to purchasing, then usually it’s a good indication that something is missing from its host of offerings. We know price is not the problem, because we’ve all been guilty of spending whatever money we needed to in order to get something we desperately wanted at the time (hypercolour t-shirt, anyone?).

Simply put, if there’s not enough perceived value in an item by way of offerings, a customer will not be motivated enough to buy it. If you have something on the market which tends to always get a look in but is never purchased, ask yourself what is missing and what can be added to make it more appealing. Because people will always pay what they have to in order to get what they really want.