Why Bother Applying For Awards?

Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Blog

Why Bother Applying For Awards?

Most of us are too busy keeping up with business to stop and pay attention to the many award opportunities going around.  We are not doing ourselves any favours.

I know it takes time and concentration to complete an awards nomination form but look at what it can bring you.

Boost to your profile

Winning an award is guaranteed to give you a higher profile within your industry or region.   Most award ceremonies receive lots of media attention, and all nominees will be acknowledged.

Boost to your credibility

Whether you win the award or not, the simple fact that you have been nominated signals to the marketplace that you are worthy of their attention.

Increased confidence in the business

A higher profile and boost to your credibility brings more business.   If someone thinks you’re great enough for an award, who is going to argue with it?


An award nomination is a great story to use in your media efforts particularly at a local level.   It gives you a story for your press release which will capture media attention.

Perhaps money

While not all awards have a financial prize, some do.  Imagine what an injection of cash could do for your business.

Recognise your own achievements

In many ways this is the most significant reason for preparing your nomination form, The questions really make you think.  You need to analyse the way you work, your results, your failures and your successes.  Too often we look at what we have done wrong.  This forces our attention towards the things we’ve done right.

Take the time to look around at awards which are relevant to your business.  Your local chamber of commerce and council will have information for you as will your industry body.

We have been nominated for the Small Business Awards and we’d love it if you could vote for us. We are in the Northern Beaches section under the Professional Services category.

Award nominations are worth the time and effort they take to complete.  Give them a go.