How Well Do You Organise Your Time?

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Blog

How Well Do You Organise Your Time?

Do you find that you can get through a whole day and realise that you have hardly achieved anything at all?  Keeping track of my overall day and my individual tasks is essential to how well I manage my time during the working day, or the week for that matter.

In reality it comes down to this – the more effective you are at organising your day the more productive and successful you will be. Structuring your day to help you achieve your daily or weekly targets can be very beneficial particularly when it is so easy to lose segments of time just logging onto your Facebook account, as an example.

A good approach is to sit down at the beginning of the day and write down what you hope to achieve by the end.  Of course there will be moments when you can’t be expected to stick to your plan – that is part and parcel of business – but by the end of the day what you want to see is that you have achieved most of the important things which needed to be done.

If you have a wonderful team environment like we do, sometimes you can ask for help on something or allocate a task elsewhere so that you all work together to complete the more urgent items on the list.  However if you are a solo entrepreneur or work alone on your business then the majority of tasks will unfortunately fall on your shoulders.

You may find you start seeing a pattern in your workload particularly when you look back at the end of the day to see what you have and have not achieved.  If there are tasks such as accounting or bookkeeping which keep getting ignored, then you may want to look into outsourcing those either for the interim or long term.  (Contact me for information if this is the case.)

Finishing up on a Friday afternoon knowing that you have achieved all you wanted to and more is a great feeling and will keep you more motivated when Monday morning rolls around.