How To Use Your Creativity In Business

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Blog

How To Use Your Creativity In Business

Many of us go through our entire lives being told by others, that if we are creative, there isn’t a place for us in business. That we need to “stick to the arts,” and leave complicated figures, management and the other challenges of running a business to others who have a more “logical, rational” way of thinking.  Thankfully, this traditional way of thinking, while popular, is simply a myth.

The Facts About Creativity Versus Analytical Thinking

A growing body of research is showing us that nearly everything that we thought we knew about the brain, especially about left brain versus right brain, or analytical versus creative, simply isn’t true. In a 2013 interview with NPR, one of the world’s leading researchers in cognitive neuropsychology, Dr. Kara D. Federmeier, discussed recent research she has conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and explained how both sides of the brain are involved with both creative and analytical tasks.

The latest research and studies show that there are many more connections between both hemispheres of the brain than even researchers suspected, and everyday more studies show that both hemispheres are involved with tasks that are traditionally thought of as verbal or non-verbal, linear or holistic, analytical or creative. It’s now believed that creativity isn’t so much a skill or talent that rests only in one part of the brain. Being creative is more about the way that an individual sees the world around them and sees the people, places and things that reside in the world.

This is good news for creative types, because it begins to prove what many of us have long suspected. Being creative doesn’t have to be a roadblock to using our talents to open and run our own businesses. In fact, one could say that being creative gives one that crucial competitive edge when one runs their own business. As creatives, we look at the world in a different way, with a different focus and this different viewpoint can be the wellspring of innovation which is the lifeblood of growth, revenue and long term survival.

How to Successfully Integrate Creative Thinking Into Your Business Plans

One very famous creative that ignored the traditional advice about the need for those of us with artistic sensitivities to avoid business is Cynthia Rowley. Known for her fashion designs, Rowley has used her creativity to create a fashion empire that brings in over $130 million a year in sales and runs the gamut from women and men’s fashionware to shoes, eyewear and accessories.

Rowley attributes much of her success to her ability to use her creative way of thinking in both the business and design parts of her company.  Being a creative that is so closely connected to the operation of her business, she is able to see new opportunities for her company that a less creative executive would miss.

An example of this is when she was led to design a fashionable and fully functional wetsuit after years of surfing. As a surfer, she was frustrated by the lack of an attractive wetsuit for women. As a creative, she was able to design a suit that would function as well as it looked, and this innovative new product opened up a new market for her business. Rowley even brought her creative sensibilities to bear in creating lines of new eyeglasses and related products. This has led to new partnerships and increased revenues for her company.

For creative types like Rowley, their work, their business becomes just another expression of who they are as a person, an expression of how they see the world. By applying their creative perspective to their business, many creatives are able to overcome obstacles simply because their different perspective perceives obstacles as opportunities rather than roadblocks.

It may also be easier for creative types to succeed in business because their different way of looking at the world gives them the strength to believe in themselves and their ideas. Often, they are convinced they can do anything so their work becomes a way to see “how far” they can go in achieving a product and way of doing things that is unique and personal.

Need Help Knocking Down Barriers and Preconceived Notions?

While knowledge about how our brains work and how creativity plays an integral part in business success are increasing, old myths and stereotypes tend to remain in popular culture long after they have been disproved. As a creative person that is running your own business, it can be hard to find the assistance, support and guidance that you need to bring your ideas to market and make your company a success.

At Accounts Studio, we understand just how frustrating this can be. As fellow creatives, we have a unique perspective and can provide the insight and assistance that you need whereas other firms still mistakenly believe that creativity doesn’t belong in business.

From strategic planning to keeping the books, why not get in touch with us today and ask us how we can help you to sharpen your focus so that you can infuse every aspect of your business with your creative outlook?