Why Use The Accounts Studio?

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Blog

Why Use The Accounts Studio?

More than an organisation focussed on traditional bookkeeping, The Accounts Studio works with creative designers who believe that profit matters.  They are an innovative agency that mix bookkeeping and business consulting to maximise profits.

Owner Sophie Andrews is an award winning business owner with over 20 years’ experience in financial management and runs 3 businesses of her own.  She is also a Director of the ABN supported Australian Bookkeepers Association.  Sophie and her team of experienced bookkeepers specialise in retail, foreign currency and inventory and are available to answer any enquiries you have.

“Sophie has been a tremendous support and guiding light for my business. I have continually succeeded when acting on her advice and by using her services.  Her products are fantastic and her ideas and accuracy is out of this world.  I would never hesitate to recommend Sophie’s services and I would invite anyone to contact me for a referral.”

– Belinda Grundy, BG Home Styling

They understand that not everyone is a fan of bookkeeping and that is where they come in – to them bookkeeping is a hidden treasure in disguise.  They take the worry and concern out of the equation and ensure that your business is working to its maximum efficiency.

“Sophie is a great small business resource everyone should know about. She can turn the challenges that face business owners into opportunities for achieving goals and bottom line growth. Her advice is practical and no fuss, with strategies that will deliver results where it matters most.”

– Chrissy Crust, Chrissy Crust Consulting

Cashflow is important to any business and The Accounts Studio have created new packaged rates and payment plans to meet the needs of their clients.

 “Sophie is an incredibly savvy business owner, of whom I have great respect for. She has always been very clear and detailed in her instructions, is always very focused on her business objectives, and displays a business model that you can aspire to as a small business owner. I have no hesitation is recommending her work at The Accounts Studio.”

– Kristy Smith, Virtual Elves

The Accounts Studio understand the complexities of small business as they are one themselves and know that business growth is imperative to the health of a business.  They focus on helping organisations with business planning, pricing advice, strategic analysis, marketing tips, competitor analysis and more.

If you would like to know more about their bookkeeping and Xero-based services or their business consulting, then visit their website at www.accountsstudio.com.au.