The Importance Of Your Business Image

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Blog

The Importance Of Your Business Image

What is your business image?  Do you even have a business image?  A lot of small businesses simply don’t see the point in developing a corporate image as they believe it to be something a large company will have.

Your corporate image conveys a message to your customers and when done well it can assist you to gain an advantage over your competitors.  As a small business owner ask yourself this question.  Why would a potential customer use your organisation when your competitors are essentially providing a similar product or service?  If you find you constantly have to compete on price alone your ongoing viability will be threatened.

Surveys constantly tell us that amongst many issues customers want value for money and good quality service.  To further highlight this, the Small Business Victoria website discusses that consumers gravitate to organisations that invest in the customer experience, recognise loyalty and provide value for money.

The reason why your corporate image is so important is that it creates an identity for your organisation that aligns the values of your organisation to those of your customers and potential customers.  In addition, your corporate image can be used to reflect your quality of service, convey an image and provide a reason for your customers to remember your organisation.

Any communication you have with your customers can be used to develop and present your corporate image.  For example, consider how your corporate image is presented through your business cards, the use of uniforms or the logo on your vehicle.  In addition, look at your design, layout and content of your website, Facebook page or any other social media you may use.  What image does that convey to your customers?  Do you provide regular, up to date and relevant information that is of use to your customers?

It doesn’t matter if you are a plumber or a restaurant, your brand is your identification stamp.

The important question is how will your customers or clients distinguish between your offerings and those of your competitors?  If you can’t answer that then it’s time to go and polish up your branding.