The Importance Of Looking After Yourself

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Blog

The Importance Of Looking After Yourself

As we come to the second month of the year, after fully settling in after the holiday period, it is easy to forget the importance of work-life balance. You may have felt recharged come early January, however, a month into your work schedule you might feel differently. Too often creatives and entrepreneurs are working hard, focussing on those business goals and forgetting their health and well-being. Startup businesses are particularly guilty of overworking themselves. Whether we are working, playing or exercising, maintaining our health is very important in all aspects of our lives.

Let’s face it, work can be stressful and there may be the need to stay late, arrive early or do tasks over and above your usual duties. If that happens don’t forget to schedule mini-breaks throughout your day so you don’t feel like you are spending all of your waking hours in the office. Cash flow, strategies and profit and loss scenarios may be constantly floating around your brain, however, you need to ensure that you step back and balance the busyness with plenty of relaxation and downtime.

Stress can adversely affect the way we deal with our surroundings and our colleagues, and it can make us feel less confident and less imaginative, zapping those otherwise creative ideas. If long term exposure to stress continues, then it can affect the survival and success of your business or your job. Stress can also alter our mental health and, as statistics show, Australian businesses experience a loss of over $10.9 billion per year due to mental health issues. Mental health is never a subject to be taken lightly and if you or someone you know is experiencing signs of mental health, then it is important to consult a specialist.

And in those moments when things get overly busy, don’t forget to delegate as necessary. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to work more than they need to, experiencing the need to play their cards close to their chest. Learning to let go is a struggle that many entrepreneurs face; it is important to the health and the growth of your business to delegate to others who can do the job as equally as effective as you can.

Analysing those business strategies and creating a systemised business model will reap many rewards and give you clear direction as well as streamline your business. Positive business systems can essentially save time in all areas of the business. Gone is the need to micromanage every little step; successful systems will let you step away and focus on growing your business without sacrificing that all important time factor.

And as the stress dissipates you can free up your time brainstorming, creating and developing and of course, making some extra time for yourself. So if you need to turn that alarm clock off for that extra half an hour, take a longer lunch break or go for a walk to get some fresh air mid-morning, then do it. Remember that no one will look after you as well as yourself.