Seven Steps To Achieving Your Business Goals

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Blog

Seven Steps To Achieving Your Business Goals

Don’t leave your business to fate and providence, sit yourself firmly in the driving seat and take control.

Many people in business are big dreamers. They have lots of great ides but never get anywhere as they spend too much time thinking about what they’d like to accomplish rather than taking concrete steps to actually get there. On their own, goals do not create successful businesses.

An important part of goal-setting is defining the resources, time, energy and finances you will need to achieve them. Achieving goals does not require any particular talent or some special ability. It requires resolve and dogged determination.

Here are the top seven steps you can take to realise your business goals and vision:

Break them down – once you have defined your goals, you need to create an action plan that contains specific manageable actions. In so doing you make it easier to focus on exactly what needs doing right now, without the process overwhelming you. A plan can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly actions etc.

For example you may have a goal of realizing a 10% increase in sales of laptop computers by the end of 2013. One way to start making this goal happen could be to develop a marketing plan to work out how to do it, and to assign someone to the task. Give that person a specific time frame to devise and develop the plan, and ensure they have the resources they need.

Track your progress – have weekly or monthly check-ins to review your goals. That way you can see how well you are doing and if you need to allocate extra resources to focus on one particular area more than others.

Be accountable – keep yourself motivated by having someone in place who can hold you accountable to your goals. This could be a business partner, close friend and confidante or family member. You could start by having a “due date” for every step of your action plan. Not only does this make your goals easier to measure, but it will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Never let go of the prize – breaking your goals down into manageable steps is of paramount importance, but make sure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Keeping your eye on the prize is rocket fuel for a focused and motivated business mind.

Be flexible – although you have defined your goals it’s crucial to be prepared to modify your approach in response to changing market conditions and circumstances. Avoid rigid and narrow-minded thinking. The more nimble you are, the better you will be able to respond to the unexpected.

Accept that things will go wrong – despite our best efforts and endeavours and no matter how much thought we put into an enterprise, thing can and do go wrong. Never let this put you off your stride. If you fail to achieve one of your goals, make time to find out why, and use the process as learning experience to better equip you to handle the next set of challenges.

Think positively – successful entrepreneurs have oodles of self-belief. You must always believe in yourself. Thinking that you can’t do something is the fast track to failure. So never give up. Be passionate, always think positive, and have fun!