Is There Room For Your Business Too?

Posted by on Aug 30, 2014 in Blog

Is There Room For Your Business Too?

“It’s easier than ever. But you have to have a niche and fill it.”

– Jim Hayes

Niche marketing has been a hot buzz word in marketing and business in general for a few decades now. Most of us know that one of the keys to being successful in any business is to find our “niche.” Our niche is that segment of the market where we have a unique product or service that can meet our target customer’s needs, or we have a well-known product or service that we can provide in a unique way. For many entrepreneurs, finding our niche begins rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The first hint of finding our niche usually occurs when we have a spark of creative insight into something that we are passionate about, and dreams begin to form around this central spark.

Sadly, many of us leave our creative insight right there, in our dreams. We don’t take the steps that are necessary to take our insight from the dreaming or planning phase into practical reality. If we act, there is the opportunity to live our lives doing something that we are passionate about and fulfill our target customer’s needs in a unique way by starting our own small business. Many let that opportunity pass them by, and let that spark die. They go back to unfulfilling jobs the next day, using their time and talents to make money for someone else.

When you are honest with yourself and ask yourself why you are still unhappy, why you are still plugging away in an unfulfilling role, most offer up excuses such as, “I don’t have time to start my own small business, “ or “ I can’t afford to start my own small business.” The real reason why many don’t act on their creative sparks is fear, and some will even be honest about it. They will say things like this to themselves and others: “What if my concept isn’t unique enough,” “What if someone else is offering something similar,” “What if there is too much competition in my area to succeed,” “What if I fail?”

The current economic downturn, and the often quoted statistic that “80% of new small businesses fail within the first three years,” doesn’t do a lot to bolster anyone’s confidence about having faith and building upon their creative spark.

It’s natural to feel a bit of trepidation when you are considering making a major change in your life, and starting a small business is certainly a huge change. It’s challenging, time and energy consuming, and has risks as well. The good news is that despite your doubts and fears, if you really want to open a small business, there has never been a better time than now!

Even if someone has a similar idea, even if there are dozens of other similar businesses and you are afraid you won’t stand out in the crowd, you can still start a small business and be successful. In order to conquer your doubts and fears, you need to understand that if you have a niche, there is room enough for your small business too! Don’t believe me? Consider these fear-busting facts about small businesses:

  • 530,000 small businesses start each month!
  • 75% of small businesses only have the owner as the sole employee!
  • 52% of small businesses operate out of the owner’s home!
  • Of the small businesses that fail, most have more than one employee!

What these statistics mean is that if you have an idea that you are passionate about, that can lead you to creating a product or service that either fulfills your target customer’s special needs, or fulfills them in a unique way, then the only thing that is holding you back from taking the steps to start your own small business and being successful is fear.

At The Accounts Studio, we understand what it’s like to have a creative idea that you are passionate about, and have years of experience in dealing with all of the ins and outs of running a small business. In addition to offering a full range of accounting services we also offer business consultations, including strategic business advice, strategic analysis, marketing tips and advice, industry specific reporting to track your completion and one-on-one planning to grow your business.

Whether you are ready to take your creative spark to the next step, or would like an unbiased opinion about the potential for your business to succeed, why not take advantage of our expertise? Contact us today for a one-on-one small business consultation. We’ll help you confront any remaining fears head on and give you the guidance that you need to take that creative spark from your dreams and turn it into reality.