Profit Pack

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Blog

Have you downloaded the Profit Pack from our website? Our Profit Pack includes some very useful tools that will assist you with your personal and business planning and budgeting.

To download our free Profit Pack (, click on the link and you can start using it immediately. Here is a brief overview of what the Profit Pack includes:

1. Business Budget Planner allows you to prepare a budget for a given period of time such as a fortnight, month or a year. It contains different sections for income, general expenses, cost of goods, staff expenses and marketing. These different sections make it easy to analyse your budget and how it impacts on the total income, total expenses and the net result. This is very powerful planning tool that is easy to use.

2. Cash Flow Planner makes it very easy to plan your cash flow for each month and over the whole year. Different sections for sales, purchases and general operating costs allow you to quickly gain an overview of your cash flow budget for the year. This can make it easy, for example, to identify seasonal factors, when your cash flow may be tight or when you may have strong cash flow that you may use to purchase new equipment, more stock or expand your business. A great feature of this Cash Flow Planner is that it automatically calculates how much each item is as a percentage of the net sales. This can be important when managing and trying to control costs.

3. Personal Budget Planner is perfect for managing your household and personal expenses. This planner has many different categories such as, for example, household, education, transport and personal expenses. These different sections make it easier to track and manage your costs and how it impacts on the total income, total expense and the net result.

4. Import Pricing Planner is a unique spread sheet that makes it easy to calculate the total cost of the goods you are importing so when you apply your mark-up it calculates your retail sale price. You can enter in details for the foreign exchange rate, customs duty, shipping import costs as well as the mark up so you can see how much each one contributes to the final retail sale price.

These tools are very simple to use and provide a very effective way to manage and assist you with your personal and business planning and budgeting.

Follow the link ( and download your free Profit Pack today.