Popular Accounting Software Xero Celebrates 10 Years

Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Blog

Popular Accounting Software Xero Celebrates 10 Years

We have been recommending Xero to our clients for a while now and know firsthand the benefits that it can offer businesses of all sizes. In March of this year, Xero broke through the one million customer mark, and it comes just as the company are about to celebrate their tenth birthday.

Xero is the most popular form of accounting software in Australia and with good reason.

Xero gives you a portable office.

As Xero can be accessed through the cloud, it means you can use it anywhere at any time from multiple devices. You can access your accounts from your desktop computer in your office, on your laptop at home or even on your smartphone while sitting at your favourite coffee shop. The flexibility it creates is one of its best assets and allows you to stay up to date with your current finances at all times. In reality, you can do your work from any remote location. Just imagine the possibilities!

Xero will support your growth.

Xero is beneficial for startups with big plans. And it can work with medium sized businesses who still have yet to reach their full potential. You can use whatever aspects of the systems you need, and add to it as your company grows. You don’t have to use every aspect of the system at once – in fact, we recommend that you don’t. To avoid overwhelm, start off with the basics and then add on once you get the hang of it. Xero also offers a wonderful range of courses and videos to help your accounting software knowledge grow.

Xero can send online invoices.

As accounting systems moved online, so did the capacity to send out online invoices. Rather than emailing a printed invoice through the post or a PDF version via email, Xero allows you to send an email through the system. Not only does it tell you whether they have opened it, but your client can also pay your invoice directly online. It cuts out any delay and promotes fast payment and better cash flow procedures. And what’s more, if they fail to pay on time, the system will send an automatic reminder.

Xero allows the use of multiple users.

While you are using the system to print out reports from one location, your colleague can be updating the system from another. You can both access the same data simultaneously without issue. It is no problem to add multiple users to the software and no need to import or email data across unsecured systems. As many people can access the information, any errors or issues can be caught in a timely fashion and amended.

Xero offers a range of plans to suit your business, and all plans include information storage, regular updates and free support. If you are yet to take the plunge or are sitting on the fence, give us a call. We can show you many great reasons why it will be one of the best things you can do for your business.