One Page Business Plan

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Blog

Don’t be afraid of it. It is simply a written list of what your business is, what it needs, what you want from it, where you want to take it and how you plan to do that.

You can start out with a simple key word list and then you can expand each dot point into a short sentence. From there you can add more detail as you feel it is needed to clarify your ideas.

A one page plan can also work as a cover/summary sheet or overview for anyone who needs to go through your business plan with you later.

Important information for your plan includes:

company name, address and contact details;
date the plan was written or updated and by who;
mission, goals, setup and running costs, income streams, objectives, strategies; and
income projection, future income plans, expenses, qualifications/experience as well as future goals.
If you think of your business plan as a constant work in progress that you are free to add to and modify at any time, ideas can flow more freely than if you think of it as a once-off document that will be cast in stone.

Once you have your one page business plan it is much easier to work on expanding one section at a time, because it gives you a simple, yet complete picture of your business to refer to.

Try scheduling in a regular time each week or fortnight to read through your business plan and make any additions or modifications to it as needed. This can help to keep you focussed and on track and may help you to see how your business is evolving and any changes to your day to day operations that you need to make to achieve your goals.

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