Mobile Apps To Help Your Business Accounts

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Blog

Mobile Apps To Help Your Business Accounts

Your business accounts can be easily facilitated and often improved with the regular use of a range of different mobile apps. The benefits of having access to your records on your phone are obvious, and being able to check in from anywhere is the new normal. If you are just dipping your toe in, it is worth having a few ideas about what is around, so you can choose what will be most useful for you, out of what is available.

Reckon One is a good starter out of the gate, as it allows users to keep track of billable time, as well as provide invoices directly to clients from a mobile location. There are also tools to record payments received and bills becoming due, with regular bank reconciliation also an option. All these functions could be useful to a range of growing businesses, consultants or professionals.

Quick Books is a favourite of those who like to be able to access data through a host of connected devices. This allows people on the go to be able to conduct business in a fluid fashion. Users can connect with clients, offer quotes, accept jobs, and supply invoices in a seamless manner. Also, payment received can be recorded, along with receipts and business expenses.

If keeping receipts in order is a chore for you, you ought to be using something like Shoeboxed. This is primarily a scanning service, providing a way to keep complete records. Sorting scanned documents such as invoices and receipts can help you keep financial information up to date quickly. One big plus on this particular provider is that all services are verified by employees of Shoeboxed, actual humans in Sydney, so the margin for error is non-existent.

Some businesses excel at getting work done, but lag when it comes to claiming payment. If this is you, you might be interested in Collect More. This app includes a checklist for action in the case of being owed money and connects to services like SMS, email and call scripts for contact with clients with outstanding bills. Knowing how to handle “the business end” of customers can mean the difference between a bad reputation and loyal clientele. If your company isn’t developing, this is something to try.

Making the most of the mobile apps to assist your bookkeeping habits, can help your business thrive, without you even being tied to the office.