Make the Most of Coaching

Posted by on Jan 19, 2011 in Blog

At some stage in your business life you will reach the point where you need some coaching. It happens to all of us and is a natural stage in our evolution as entrepreneurs. While some people see it as evidence of their lack of skill (and therefore something to be ashamed of) I see it as a sign of growth. if you never reach the stage where you have to learn something new then you have never moved out of your comfortable rut.

I offer a coaching service by email so that, no matter where you are, you can still get the coaching that you need. This is a personalised service. I will ask you to email us with a detailed description of your situation or issue and within 3 working days I will personally send you a detailed and personalised response including some suggested strategies or actions, as well as two shorter follow up emails over the next fortnight. This service gives you an alternative to full coaching or mentoring. I have found this system to work very well because you have the coaching exactly when you need it.

If you decide to be coached by me or by anyone else, I have a few tips for you before you begin.

1. Be prepared. Know what you want to achieve. If you don’t know what you want -perhaps you feel a little lost – that is normal especially the first time. Tell your coach how you feel and she will help you work through the things that are holding you back.

2. Listen. Your coach might make some suggestions that take you out of your comfort zone. Don’t dismiss the ideas. Listen to them and give them a go.

3. Allocate time. You will need time to talk to your coach even if it is by email. More importantly, you’ll need time to think it through once the session has finished and time set aside in your schedule to implement the things she has suggested.

Coaching is a great tool if you take action afterwards. Try our email coaching service and see what difference it can make to your working life.