Why Importing From China Is Not Always The Best Decision

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Blog

Why Importing From China Is Not Always The Best Decision

The world is covered with Chinese products.  All around us there are items that bear the popular inscription ‘Made in China’.  Recent research shows that most of the Australian manufacturing is outsourced to China in the general belief that this is the most inexpensive solution.

We have reached a stage where even traditional Australian items and souvenirs like, for example, didgeridoos are made in China.

In actual fact, however, manufacturing in Australia is the better decision in a number of cases.

First of all, although the Chinese production is less expensive than our own Australian alternative, this cheaper per unit price often leads to a compromise with quality.  China is renowned for its cheap labour, but is also notorious with its low quality goods.

Choosing to work with an Australian manufacturing company will certainly guarantee you that all the relevant regulations and standards are observed and the end product is of decent quality.

Another very important aspect of manufacturing in China is the time for delivery of the production.  Of course, the faster the delivery, the higher the price, so most business owners choose the slow option, which usually involves transport by sea and months of travelling from China to Australia.  However, if you then discover badly made products on arrival, you may have to send it back and wait for a new delivery, which may take a few more months.

Choosing an Australian manufacturer means that you will have the goods as soon as possible and the possibility for a delay is minimal compared with the alternative.  Even if there is any problem with the item, returning it and receiving a new delivery will take no more than a couple of days.  Surely that convenience is worth paying for.

An article in Dynamic Business magazine reports on the experiences of one company who had been manufacturing in China but has now bought his whole production back on shore.  Why?  For the very reasons we’ve mentioned.

If you are considering having your products made overseas, be very clear on what you are committing to.