How Xero Helped Me Get My Life Back

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Blog

How Xero Helped Me Get My Life Back

When was the last time you were able to enjoy your day off? Or even take one?

How many days in the past month have you spent pouring over your books, trying to make sense of your financials? How much time have you wasted digging through receipts and trying to chase down your information from various clients, vendors, banks or credit card companies?

Are you still using an accounting system that relies on saving documents to a hard drive rather than the cloud? Does your system make it difficult to import and update records or run reports? Are you tired of losing data and sales to slow processing speeds?

Is your software compatible with multiple brands and tools? Are you still relying on old fashioned spread sheets, or worse – do you just cram your bills and receipts into drawers or shoe boxes and try to pretend they don’t exist?

If any of these statements sound like they apply to your life and your business, it’s no wonder that you feel tired, frustrated, exhausted and perhaps tempted to pull your hair out! Who has time to keep up with their finances when they have personal commitments, demands from clients and a business to run?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to have a life again outside of keeping up with the books?

Actually, such a way exists! With Xero, I was able to get my life back, which is why I recommend this system to our clients.

What Is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use bookkeeping system that runs entirely in the cloud. It’s compatible with other systems and platforms so that you can easily import prior data and instantly update all of your transactions, which basically does the most tedious record keeping work for you.

Xero also allows multiple users and makes it easy for you to invite collaborators so that you are able to share your financial information and get the help that you need. Xero allows you to increase your cash flow and make it easier to manage by making it easy to produce and send invoices to your customers.

With Xero, you never have to wonder or worry how you are doing financially, because most features are customisable and you can easily run reports at any time.

Since everything is in the cloud, you can access your information from anywhere, even when you are on the go!

Get Your Life Back – Learn More!

Are you ready to reclaim your life but uncertain how to get started? Get in touch today and ask us about our Xero Services. From Xero Set Up and Conversions to Xero Training, Support and everything in between, we can help you to use Xero to start spending less time on your books and more time on the better things in your life!