How To Find Good Staff On A Small Budget

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Blog

How To Find Good Staff On A Small Budget

When you’re in the startup phase of your small business, and especially when you’re verging on the edge of the next step upward, you’ll find yourself doing all the roles.

The downside of this is that you can’t do everything because you simply don’t have the time. Secondly, you’re not that great at everything. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in business, however. It’s about being honest with your abilities. Some of us are highly creative and are terrible at bookkeeping – that’s just being human!

Having staff on board takes the load off you, allowing you to focus on doing those things you love and are good at, as well as making way for the business to grow. Unfortunately, it is at these times that you can least afford to pay someone to help you out in your business.

The issue here is the focus on the dollars. Although it is important that you fall in the ballpark of a reasonable salary for your new staff member, it isn’t always about the money. As this article on Shortpress states, it is at these start-up and early growth stages that are the most exciting and fulfilling to be a part of a business.

This applies to the staff coming on board, too; many will find being able to provide their expertise and ideas as equally important as their salary. As long as they are looked after, and things like the assumption that their salary will increase in line with profit, you’ll be in good hands.

Not only will you find yourself with more time, and your business expanding, you’ll also have a loyal and enthusiastic advocate as well. This in itself is worth more than the wage you are paying them.