Get Down To Business With Clever Forms

Posted by on Aug 9, 2013 in Blog

Get Down To Business With Clever Forms

Many creative people inwardly shudder at the sound of the word “organisation,” simply because it seems to be counter-intuitive to the way that their minds work. After all, most creative people are known as innovators: they are known for thinking “outside the box” or “breaking the rules” and applying their unique, unregimented way of thinking to a variety of projects.

Sadly, the business world is one that requires order from its members if they wish to function and prosper.  It’s imperative that creative people learn how to organise their business dealings so that they can be paid for their creations.

Becoming organised with your business paperwork is the key to operating a business at a profit, so that your business survives.

Some creative people operate their business on the terms of a “simple handshake,” and then wonder why they are rarely paid for the agreed upon amount or paid on time. Others find it difficult to know how to write up a simple contract that states the terms of the work agreement, how to handle difficult clients, or what to say to freelancers that they may hire to assist them with their work.

If any of these scenarios sound similar to situations you have experienced you should know that there are resources available that can help you can cut through the mental clutter and get organised so that you can run a profitable creative business.

One resource to consider is the helpful articles and free forms at Creative Business.  This site is written expressly for people needing help to get their business and financial affairs organised. It offers free forms and templates as well as easy to understand business advice.

Instead of agonising over writing all those essential business forms, start with a template and adapt it to suit your needs.