How To Find Your Influential Clients

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Blog

How To Find Your Influential Clients

Advertising is just part of the equation in contemporary business promotion. Online presence is now an integral part of getting the word out, and when “influential clients” promote you within their network of social media contacts, the exposure can mean more for your success than your own public self-promotion. Many consumers nowadays are sceptical of advertising in a way they are not of social media recommendations. Many people research products, services and venues before venturing into the real world, and will take reviews into account when choosing where to spend their money. That is why receiving favourable press from “influential clients” should be part of your business promotional planning.

Identifying influential clients for your business usually involves recognising those within certain age and income parameters. Targeting younger adult clients, typically ranging from 18 to 34, is likely to increase the visibility of your business, as studies have shown people in this age group are more likely to have wider contact bases, and to share online content with them.

Clients who earn more than the average, between $85,000 to $95,000 dollars per year, tend to be more influential because their disposable income, when used to try new things, puts them in the position to review and compare. Favourable reviews by influential clients in higher pay-brackets usually leads to more revenue for companies.

Targeting influential consumers with mobile content is a good idea too, as over 50% of sharing is done on mobile devices. By providing influential clients with visual content, you increase the chances of being noticed, as visual content is ‘click bait’ in a way that text-only content is not.

Also note Facebook is a powerful tool for influential clients. As well as noting age and income of your clients, when promoting, pay extra attention to those who have Facebook. That will benefit your business, as around 62% of content sharing is done over the social media giant. It is also useful to monitor review sites like Yelp and WOMO and  take the time to respond to all reviews, positive and negative. Remember individuals matter, and being noticed by a few “influential clients” will do wonders for the promotion of your business.