Don’t Believe What They Tell You

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Blog

Don’t Believe What They Tell You

Too often when things get tough in business we start to listen to what others are saying. When things are tough you can be sure they won’t be saying anything positive. And that’s the problem.

When your thoughts are negative or you are carrying the world on your shoulders, the last thing you need is more negativity. It affects the way you see things.

“It’s the end of the season for us. We might as well shut up shop until next year.”
“The economy is tough. We’re all going to go out of business.”

Their words are not always true.

Here is an example of when the opposite is true.

Max and Mina run a homemade ice cream business in a little shop in Queens, NY. The economy had hit the street hard with many other stores struggling or closing down. Summer had finished and so had the season for ice cream. Max and Mina were still doing a thriving business. Customers kept coming, ice cream kept selling and business was booming. So why was Max and Mina’s business not following the downward trend?

First, they didn’t listen to the negativity. They kept striving to produce their product to the highest standard they could. Second, they were positioned well to capture the section of the market that still wanted a treat but couldn’t pay for anything lavish. Third, they found new sources of sales – in this case, they sold to restaurants who wanted to meet their customers same needs for affordable treats.

Finally, and most importantly, they were unique. Where else would you be able to find pizza ice cream? Their selection of ice creams is huge and very quirky, so a trip to Max and Mina’s is more than just a trip to buy ice-cream. It’s an experience and a destination in itself.

When you stop looking at your own business and start listening to people worry about theirs, you put yourself in the danger zone. Instead, find what you do that is unique and promote it. Find what you offer that people won’t give up and offer it.

You can give up just because everyone else does or you can fight your way through. What will you do?