How To Deal With Angry Customers

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Blog

How To Deal With Angry Customers

If running a business was always plain sailing, everyone would do it. But those who run businesses know in amongst the success and satisfaction, there are pitfalls and learning curves not for the weak of heart. One of those is a confrontation with an angry customer.

Angry customers are rare, but it is important as business owners to know how to react when they come across one. It would be easy to tremble and apologise, or, alternately, to dismiss complaints when they are delivered through a filter of outright rudeness, but neither of these approaches meets the needs of both parties.

If complaints come with an aggressive undertone, try to look through the anger and find the real message. It is possible there is a legitimate, solvable problem in there somewhere. In all likelihood the displeasure is not personal, but a strong emotional reaction that will be quelled when the customer realises they are being heard.

Give the customer a friendly and professional reception, and be open about your intention to seek a solution with them. Offer a sincere apology, and ask how you can help. It is not necessary to submit to aggression, and customers need to show you and your team due respect, but they also need to receive it, and many will change their approach when they are not brushed off. If the problem is not one that can be solved immediately, be sure to leave the customer with some information about follow-up procedures, and an expected timeline if possible.

Many customers will continue working with your business if their complaints are heard and their problems rectified as a result of their first complaint. Loyalty is often won when customers know that you have helped them when things have been at their very worst.