The Creative Collection

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Blog

The Creative Collection

Here’s a piece of good news for all of you out there who are struggling to keep your creative businesses going. Sophie Andrews has shared industry secrets that will not only show you the path to success, but will also lead you along it step by step. You may, however, ask why trust Sophie and get her brand-new book “The Creative Collection – Secrets to a Successful Business”, so let’s answer these and other important questions immediately.

To begin with, who is Sophie Andrews? Sophie is a shining example of a professional who is not only capable and experienced in what she does, but also extremely fervent in trying to help as many people as possible succeed with their businesses. To put it another way, Sophie has been exactly where you are now with your business and she has founded and managed multiple successful enterprises. On top of that, Sophie gives lectures and is a well-known and respected media commentator.

So how will all this experience of Sophie’s help you and your creative business? Quite simply, all her relevant business know-how is poured into her new book “The Creative Collection – Secrets to a Successful Business” to support you in your undertaking. In addition to the practical experience, Sophie has also relayed a number of real-life interviews and case studies from her business, The Accounts Studio. Knowing that one of the biggest issues for many businesses lies in the cash flow (and its regularity), Sophie has discussed this topic in detail, offering invaluable tips and insights.

The Creative Collection” is bound to instantly affect your business strategy and creative thinking in a positive way by offering you:

  • The five crucial steps to running a successful creative business;
  • Real life interviews and case studies;
  • Useful tips and tricks to maximise your profits without minimising your creativity;
  • Sharp ideas to help you renew and invigorate your business model;
  • Details on how to uncover the most cost effective techniques for pricing your products and services;
  • The secrets of how to get a responsive virtual team.

And if all that is not enough, we are pleased to announce that Sophie has made the effort to turn “The Creative Collection” into something useful and fun. As the topic of cash flow and business management may sometimes be a bit hard to chew, every chapter in the book is accompanied by a partner wine from Naked Wines to help you digest it. The combination of Sophie’s great writing skills and a glass of nice wine will provide you with a comprehensive approach to dealing with all the aspects of your creative business.

For a limited period of time, you can purchase “The Creative Collection – Secrets to a Successful Business” at half the original price from the Account Studio’s Online Shop. We hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as Sophie enjoyed writing it and that it will turn out invaluably helpful on your way to success!