Creative Accounting

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Blog

Creative Accounting

Unfortunately for creative people, accounting is one area in which creativity is not encouraged. While you can probably imagine all sorts of ways to improve the traditional accounting methods all legal businesses use, it’s not a great idea.

For many creatives, the idea of sorting out accounts and organising paperwork is a creativity killer. Their brains switch off and their eyes glaze over….

But bookwork has to be done and done well.

So what can you do?

1. Find a basic accounting course designed specifically for creatives. When the processes are laid out and explained in your kind of language you will find it much easier to understand and to put them in place.

2. Set up your own systems. It’s the systems that are important because it means that you will be consistent in whatever you do. As long as you do the same thing each time your accountant will be able to track your records and sort them out.

3. Make your spreadsheet or record keeping systems look great. They are so much nicer to use than the bland and rigid accounting systems most books and software systems offer. Actually, it’s the look of the system that probably puts you off before you’ve even begun.

4. Choose a bookkeeper and accountant who specialise in the creative industries. They will know what special allowances or tax considerations you are allowed.

5. If you just refuse to track your own accounts, consult a bookkeeper who will keep them in order for you.

Some people are just not built for record keeping so it’s wise to have a professional take care of it for them. If you need assistance, talk to the team at Accounts Studio. We love working with creative people.