Change Your Mindset For The Better

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 in Blog

Change Your Mindset For The Better

Negativity and self-doubt are all around us, and often we are our own worst enemies. If you quieten your mind, you can often hear the thoughts which enter your head. Perhaps they sound something like this? I am not good enough! No one will buy it! It’s too difficult! I just can’t afford to do that! And on and on it goes.

Unfortunately, these mindset problems can grow over time and become a burden on your profit margin. You may start to miss out on opportunities to grow your business because of these negative self-doubting opinions which you are echoing.

So what are some of the common mindset issues which face creatives today?

  • The fear to self-promote because you believe you are not good enough
  • The unfounded belief that creative individuals must suffer for their art
  • The fear of rejection in entrepreneurial circles
  • Undervaluing your product or services
  • An unwillingness to compete with other business or adapt any aspect to meet the needs of others

These thoughts are not only limiting and detrimental to your business, but they can physically stop you from achieving the success you desire. You may not even realise you are hindering your growth and may see the cause as something external to your business. Creatives deserve the chance to be as successful as anyone else in their field and often their talents go undervalued.

Try to avoid dropping the price

You may be tempted to drop the price on your product or service because your customer baulked when you mentioned the cost involved. This again is a common instinct for those starting out in business. One word – don’t. You would be doing a serious disservice to yourself, your client and other creatives by dropping the price every time someone wanted you to. Stick to your guns and charge a fair fee to cover costs, time and market value.

Price dropping can become an issue when your product or service is not selling as well as you would like. Success does not occur overnight – it requires much time, commitment and dedication and every time you drop the price, it makes it that much harder to raise it again.

Channel positive thoughts

There is no denying that working for yourself is difficult. But in order to be successful, you need to channel positive thoughts to get you there. So you may not know everything you need to know now – today – but you have time to learn it as you go. Liken yourself to a sponge and grab the necessary information you need from whatever sources you can find. You can never learn too much when you run your own business.

Remember, the negativity bias has got to go. Surround yourself with positive people – the ones who support your goals. Be grateful. Be ambitious. And most of all be mindful of where you are and where you have to go. With time, you will learn to quickly push that limiting mindset away and focus on the task at hand. One day, your hard work will pay off and success will be well within your reach.