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5 Reasons Why Taking A Holiday Is A Great Idea

All work and no play may not make you dull, but it will undoubtedly tire you out and wear you down much quicker, than if you decided to take a little holiday here and there. Using your holiday leave need not make you feel guilty! In fact, it should be quite the...


6 Things To Do When Starting Out In Business

Taking the plunge and running your own business can very nerve-wracking, particularly if you are leaving a reliable and steady position in the process. But if done right, it is extremely gratifying and could open up many incredible opportunities that you never...


Make Training Part Of Your Business Plan

Entering the new fiscal year should be a time of excitement and renewal. It is the perfect time of the year to let go of anything that happened before, reflect and learn from mistakes and use it is a stepping stone to grow. Part of any small organisation or...


4 Tips To Fund Your Startup Business

Lack of money or cash flow can put a company out of business, but it also stops many more creative entrepreneurs and startup organisations from going into business in the first place. There are many reasons why companies fail to get off the ground, and often a lack...


Are You Elevator Pitch Ready?

Walking into a crowded room to represent your business is made much easier when you are elevator pitch ready. It can take much of the edge off because you know just what to say when you meet someone new, and it can reduce the anxiety of attending events alone. But...

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