Are You Talking Yourself Out Of Success?

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in Blog

Are You Talking Yourself Out Of Success?

Creative people love to be creative. But creative people have to eat too (and pay a few bills). The beauty about creative people is that they are well, creative. But their downside is that they often forget to plan, budget, and prepare.

When running a business, it is important to pay attention to your business and personal finances. After all, you have to be sure you can pay your bills, put food on your plate, and shoes on your feet. For most creative people, monitoring accounts is boring and unsatisfying. They prefer the world of ideas and possibility to the world of data and detail.

We know that one of the biggest creativity killers is stress, and one of the biggest stresses in business is money and cash flow. So if creatives need a reason to make them focus on figures, there it is. By keeping your finances under control, they ensure their creativity keeps flowing.

But what about mindset? This is probably not something we consider very often, yet our attitude towards money can make us or break us.

Your money mindset shows in the thoughts you have when it’s time to deal with your finances. If you’ve grown up in an environment where money was readily available, you are probably comfortable in managing it – spending or saving your funds. However, if you’ve grown up in a family that struggled to make ends meet, you might have a mindset of scarcity, where you don’t like to spend your money in case you need it. This kind of thinking can actually hold you back from making the kind of money you could be earning, because you associate money with worry.

If you aren’t finding the kind of success you expected to have, take a look at the way you interact with your finances. Examine your thinking processes when you set your prices, send out an invoice or pay a bill. Pay attention to the conversation that goes on inside your head and that will tell you what you need to know about your mindset.

You can get your mindset under control, just as you can learn to manage your money, no matter how much your creative side rebels against the idea.

Nature has given creatives a slight disadvantage when it comes to ensuring their financial success, but this can be overcome through discipline, practice and planning.

It is important to set a budget, to work within that budget, develop a plan for making a profit, and to seek the advice of professionals like the team at The Accounts Studio. Don’t let your creative side talk you out of having a successful business.