Amex – Win A Grant

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Blog

Amex – Win A Grant

What could your small business do with an extra $5,000? Pay for extra advertising to draw in more customers? Hire an extra employee to increase the speed and quality of service that you deliver to your clients? Expand the range of your product line and boost your sales?

I am fairly certain that most small business owners could find a good use for an extra $5,000 – a use that could mean the difference between your small business simply surviving or getting that extra bit of help so that it can truly flourish and thrive! The good news is that you could be the one to have to decide how to use $5,000 to boost your business if you win one of the 120 Small Merchant Business Grants being awarded by American Express!

The Size of the Awards

American Express is committed to helping Australian small businesses fulfill their vision and achieve success. As part of this initiative, they are awarding $600,000 AUD in grants to 120 small businesses in Australia.

From January 6 through November 14, American Express will be awarding $5,000 AUD in grants to 20 small businesses each month.  If you are a small business with less than ten locations and processed less than $1,000,000 AUD in Amex transactions last year, you could win $5,000 to boost your small business!

How to Enter

Making certain that your small business is eligible to enter to win is relatively easy. You just need to continue to warmly process Amex transactions this year, and merchants receive an entry for each Amex transaction over $1 that they process during the month. The more transactions that you process in a month, the more entries you will have, thus increasing your chances of winning! Make certain that you’ve displayed Amex Point of Purchase materials where Card Members can see it while they shop your site.

Additional Information

Drawings will normally occur the following month, with the last drawing to occur on January 6, 2015. To be eligible to win, your Amex Merchant account also needs to be current and in good standing.  A few additional restrictions do apply.

Since it’s so easy to enter for a chance to win, what are you waiting for? Encourage your customers to use their American Express card in your store today!