5 Tips For Managing Your Cash Flow

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Blog

5 Tips For Managing Your Cash Flow

Businesses boom or go bust depending on financial management, and one important aspect you need to keep in check is your business cash flow. You always need to know what is being spent and earned where, and when, in order to properly manage, run and build your business.

Often a business fails not because the product or service is poor, but because there is not enough money ready to boost its growth when necessary. Don’t let it happen to you! These simple tips will keep you on top of the very serious game.

  1. Know where you stand. If it is not possible to do daily, check your balances at least once a week to avoid surprises.
  2. Insist on positive cash flow. Watch your budget and do not overspend. If your business is operating over budget, look for ways to tighten expenses or increase income. Over time marginal improvements add up.
  3. Save for rainy days. In most industries there are peaks and valleys throughout the year. Know when yours are, and avoid overspending when times are good so you are able to tide yourself over when things slow down.
  4. Be easy to pay. Encourage direct deposits and provide account numbers on invoices. Customers’ payments late? Get on the phone. Endless emails cost you time, which is more money.
  5. Check and re-check your systems regularly. As time passes, things invariably change. Make sure your business is running efficiently and effectively by maintaining you website and updating business software. For ongoing success, make sure your staff are always in the most satisfying and profitable roles possible.

Proper cash flow management is crucial for business success and growth. Which of these tips can you benefit from today?