5 Creative Ways to Find Good Staff

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Blog

5 Creative Ways to Find Good Staff

When it comes to finding good staff, it’s no longer enough to simply hang a sign on your door that says you’re hiring. While many businesses still run ads in their local paper others are turning to more creative methods to find the ideal recruits to join their team.

Consider using one of the following creative strategies the next time that you need to increase the size of your staff.

Make Use of Facebook Targeted Ads and Search Graph

It seems as though nearly everyone is online and has at least one social media profile these days. Why not put this information to good use and use social media to your advantage. Perhaps Facebook features such as search graph and targeted ads can find individuals who have the talents and skills that your organisation needs?

Hang Out with the Cool Kids

When you know the specific skills and talents that you need in a potential recruit, you can increase your pool of likely candidates simply by “hanging out” where they are likely to spend their time. Connect with others in your industry by joining related groups in LinkedIn, and don’t be afraid to let others that you are searching for the next member of your team.

Joining trade associations and attending their events is also a great way to meet others who share similar interests and experiences and that are likely to have the skills that you need in a member of your team. Meetup is a great way to find get-togethers and other social event in your area that are likely to be attended by folks who have the skills, talents and interests that you need in a recruit.

Commenting meaningfully on user groups, forums, and blogs that relate to your industry in some way are also great ways to have conversations and find others that might wish to join your team.

Attend Charity Galas and Other Nonprofit Events and Recruit While Supporting Your Favourite Cause

An increasing number of business owners have made philanthropy a core part of their business philosophy and mission statements. Increasing the impact of your charity work often comes down to recruiting others who share the same goals and vision. Why not recruit members of your staff from a pool of individuals who are already interested and involved in making their communities a better place to work and live?

Attending events such as an open house, auction or fundraiser are a great way to connect with others who share the same outlook. Why not invite some of these connections to learn more about your business? Or perhaps you could set up an interview date and time with those who have the skills and talents to contribute meaningfully to your team?

Host an Open House to Attract Good Staff

Rather than wading through a stack of resumes and applications to find a suitable candidate, why not begin your search process by hosting an open house? This will allow you to identify potential candidates that are truly interested in joining you.

Hosting an open house will save you time and money. That way you aren’t setting up interviews with potential recruits that sent out CVs to every business in the area. It also allows you to gain some insight into how well specific individuals do in a group setting. It also gives you an idea how well they might fit in with your existing staff.

Don’t Forget to Give Prior Candidates a Second Look

Just because you rejected a prior candidate, doesn’t mean that at least some of the applicants aren’t a good fit for your business. So, take some time to go back through your stack of existing applications. Consider setting up an interview with some of them, especially if any of them stood out before in your prior searches for candidates.