3 Essential Skills Creatives Need To Develop for Success

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in Blog

3 Essential Skills Creatives Need To Develop for Success

In an ideal world, being creative would have its own rewards. In our world, however, to taste financial success, creatives often find they need to tailor their process, product, or both, to market realities. Advising and account-keeping for creative businesses is one of the most interesting and rewarding sectors of the bookkeeping world, but only if those involved in the creative work develop and practice the particular skills needed to convert their talents into viable businesses. It might seem only too simple, but the following three pointers, which can be challenging to creative types, should be considered essential for ongoing success.

Focus – Too many creatives are a bubbling broth of ideas. They spread their attention too thin, working on different projects or in different mediums all at once. While perhaps creatively satisfying for some, it is likely to be a diluted display of their true potential, and can be confusing for customers, who might not be certain what they are all about. Like the old story of digging many shallow wells, only to discover one deep one is all that is required to hit water, creatives should be encouraged to narrow their focus, and develop their genius in one direction at a time. Dedication to one idea will bring positive results into the realm of remarkable.

Fitness – Along with being emotionally healthy, creatives benefit incredibly from physical fitness. Physical activity is a great stress reliever, a way to work through creative problems, and also improves stamina needed for those extra hours in the workshop. This is relevant to all creative fields, but should be taken very seriously by those whose work is computer based. Fresh air and movement will bring fresh ideas as well as longevity in a field where stagnation through creative exhaustion is common.

Friendship – We all need friends, don’t we? Creatives, in particular, reap many benefits from a well-seeded field of associates. Although many creatives are independent types who like being left alone, developing friendships are important for commercial success. Friends can act as mentors or muses, helping the ideas keep coming, and inspiring the growth of ideas in early concept stages. Well-positioned friends are vital for word-of-mouth opportunities and recommendations that help businesses to thrive. And finally, friends can make all the difference in the world to creatives, who have a well-earned reputation as a sensitive and self-critical lot. Having people believe in them and their ideas ensures creatives continue to produce through challenging times.

Creative businesses bring products and services that raise everyone’s quality of life. When the skills above are finely honed, creative businesses are more likely to succeed, to everyone’s advantage.