Your 2016 Christmas Business Checklist

Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in Blog

Your 2016 Christmas Business Checklist

Most businesses are closing up on Friday to take some much-needed time off over the holiday season. Some businesses will remain closed until after the New Year, while others will operate with a skeleton staff over Christmas to monitor the phones and answer any queries.

Before you leave the office on Christmas Eve, you may want to run through this checklist to ensure that you have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s.

  • Confirm that everyone knows what shifts they will be working from the 23 December until the 2 January (or whatever date full staff resumes).
  • Is there enough staff to deal with any issues if there is a problem? Look at the worst case scenario and work from there.
  • Are the relevant telephone numbers clearly available if there happens to be a work emergency? Check to see if they are up to date and accessible.
  • Are the times and dates of your opening hours clearly marked on your website to avoid any unnecessary confusion? This is important for both online and brick and mortar businesses.
  • Have you updated your website to reflect the end of year holiday season? Up to date content is always welcomed by search engines.
  • Have you set up an automated reply on your email system so everyone knows exactly when you will be returning to the office?
  • Follow up on all last minute calls that need to be made before you step out of the door. No point in leaving it until the New Year unless that is what both parties have agreed upon.
  • Complete all urgent tasks before you finish up the working week. What may seem like a snowball may escalate to something larger if not acted on in a timely fashion.

Rushing back to the office because you have forgotten to do something would spoil anyone’s holidays. Therefore, write your list and check everything twice before you leave. That way you can enjoy that break and come back mentally prepared after the holiday season.